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  • Seok-Hee Hong
  • Sheelagh Carpendale
  • Prof. Giuseppe Di Battista

    Università Roma Tre, Italy

    Title: Graph Animation

    Abstract: In several applications there is the need of visualizing a graph whose structure evolves over time. A few examples: in the networking field it is often necessary to show how the flow of packets changes according to network modifications; in the Internet Domain Name System it is useful to study the evolution of the relationship between name servers sending queries and name servers answering such queries; and in Web crawling it is interesting to study, during the Web exploration, how the structure of the visited hyperlinks depends on the actual search strategy.

    From the point of view of the graph drawing field these animation requirements pose difficult challenges for at least three reasons. First, instead of constructing just one layout of one graph, graph animation requires to construct several layouts, depending on the duration of the animation. This poses nontrivial efficiency issues. Second, the user’s mental map should be preserved. Hence, the graph layouts of consecutive steps cannot be too much different. Third, to help the user in easily perceiving the changes, morphing problems must be tackled. Namely, the same portion of the graph might be represented in two different ways in two different times of the animation. Hence, the problem arises of how to compute a smooth morphing between the two representations. I will survey experiences of graph animation at the Graph Drawing Lab of the Università Roma Tre both from the pragmatic and from the methodological points of view.

    Speaker's Biography: Giuseppe Di Battista is a Professor of Computer Science. He received the Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and is currently a faculty member in the Department of Engineering at the Università Roma Tre. His research interests include Graph Drawing, Information Visualization, and Computer networks; the Laboratory he leads has contributed to set the agenda for Graph Drawing research for decades. He has published almost 200 papers in the above areas and has given several invited lectures worldwide. He is one of the authors of a book by Prentice Hall on Graph Drawing that is considered the reference book of the area. He served as program committee chairperson of international conferences, and is (has been) editor or guest editor of several journals, including: Algorithmica, Computational Geometry Theory & Applications, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, and Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications. He is a founding member of the steering committee for the Graph Drawing Symposium. His research has been funded by the Italian National Research Council, by the EU, and by several industrial sponsors. He has been national and/or local coordinator of many Projects of Relevant Italian National Interest (PRIN) .

    Prof. Charles (Chuck) Hansen

    Associate Director, SCI Institute Professor of Computer Science, University of Utah, USA

    Title: Big Data: A Scientific Visualization Perspective

    Abstract: Modern high performance computers have speeds measured in petaflops and handle data set sizes measured in terabytes and petabytes. In the next decade (or less) we will see exascale computational resources. Although these machines offer enormous potential for solving very large-scale realistic computational problems, their effectiveness will hinge upon the ability of human experts to interact with their simulation results and extract useful information. One of the greatest scientific challenges of the 21st century is to effectively understand and make use of the vast amount of information being produced. Visual data analysis will be among our most important tools in helping to understand such large-scale information.

    Speaker's Biography: Charles (Chuck) Hansen is an IEEE Fellow and a Professor of Computer Science in the School of Computing and an Associate Director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah.

    He received a BS in computer science from Memphis State University in 1981 and a PhD in computer science from the University of Utah in 1987. Since 1998, he has been on the faculty in Computer Science at the University of Utah. He was a visiting professor at the University Joseph Fourier Grenoble in 2011-2012 and a visiting scientist at INRIA-Rhone Alpes in the GRAVIR group in 2004-2005. From 1997 to 1998, he was a Research Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Utah. From 1989 to 1997, he was a Technical Staff Member in the Advanced Computing Laboratory (ACL) located at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he formed and directed the visualization efforts in the ACL. He was a Bourse de Chateaubriand PostDoc Fellow at INRIA, Rocquencourt France, in 1987 and 1988.

    Chuck Hansen has published over 140 peer reviewed journal and conference papers and has been a co-author on three papers recognized with "Best Paper Awards" at the IEEE Visualization Conference (1998, 2001, 2002). He was co-author on the Best Paper at IEEE Pacific Visualization 2010. He was awarded the IEEE Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics "Technical Achievement Award" in 2005 in recognition of seminal work on tools for understanding large-scale scientific data sets.

    He has been Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics and is currently an Associate Editor. His research has made contributions to the fields of scientific visualization, computer graphics, parallel computation and computer vision.


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    Keynote Speakers

    Giuseppe Di Battista

    Department of Engineering,
    The Università Roma Tre, Italy

    Charles (Chuck) Hansen

    School of Computing,
    University of Utah, USA

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