Tim Dawborn

About Me

This is the webpage of Tim Dawborn, PhD student here in the School Information Technologies at the University of Sydney. I completed my undergraduate degree also here at The University of Sydney, receiving a B. I.T. (Hons).

I am doing my PhD in the field of Natural Language Processing, with my thesis being in the area of document representation and whole-document NLP. I am a member of Schwa Lab.

I am a lecturer at the National Computer Science School and also the core developer for the NCSS Challenge.


The subjects I have tutored here at The University of Sydney are:


Faster parsing by supertagger adaptation
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Jessika Roesner, Tim Dawborn, James Haggerty, James R. Curran, Stephen Clark
Proceedings of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
Corona: Energy-Efficient Multi-query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Raymes Khoury, Tim Dawborn, Bulat Gafurov, Glen Pink, Edmund Tse, Quincy Tse, K. Almi'Ani, Mohamed Medhat Gaber, Uwe Röhm, Bernhard Scholz
Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA)
CCG Parsing with One Structure per n-gram
Tim Dawborn, James R. Curran
Australasian Language Technology Workshop (ALTA)
Large-Scale Syntactic Processing: Parsing the Web
Stephen Clark, Ann Copestake, James R. Curran, Yue Zhang, Aurelie Herbelot, James Haggerty, Byung-Gyu Ahn, Curt Van Wyk, Jessika Roesner, Jonathan Kummerfeld, Tim Dawborn
Final Report of the JHU CLSP Workshop, Johns Hopkins University
Efficient Time Triggered Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bernhard Scholz, Mohamed Medhat Gaber, Tim Dawborn, Raymes Khoury, Edmund Tse
International Conference for Embeded Systems and Software (ICESS)


A PDF copy of my résumé can be viewed here if you wish to know more about me.