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Trent Apted's Photo

Trent Apted's Homepage

About Me

Trent Heath Apted
Postgraduate Research Student (PhD Candidate)
Computer Human Adapted Interaction (CHAI) Research Group was Smart Internet Technology Research Group
Networks and Systems Laboratory
School of Information Technologies
University of Sydney

3W33, Level 3 West
School of IT Building J12
University of Sydney
NSW   2006

Tel: +61 2 9351 5711
Fax: +61 2 9351 3838

My PhD Research Thesis

It's being called "Cruiser" and video tells the story best. Here is a video of the main features of Cruiser and a slightly more recent video of flicking and an interactive map on Cruiser. These are MPEG1 and don't have audio (so there should be no codec problems). If those whet your appetite there are also some higher quality videos with audio available.

Cruiser Features (48MB)
Maps and Flicking (25MB)

If you prefer words, here is a summary, or "canned abstract" as at 2006-09-29:

Designing an effective social interface for sharing digital photographs

The digital camera has changed the nature of photography and the photographic process, and the need for more suitable ways to share digital photographs is well understood. Digital photos may be printed, but this adds an expense, and reduces the search and distribution capabilities of photos in digital form, so some opt not to print at all. Thus some of the traditional methods of sharing photographs, such as photo albums, have been lost; along with the emotional attachment and social interaction that is possible with physical items.

We have recently begun to see hardware support for the tabletop user interface, offering a number of new ways for humans to interact with computers. Our interface, currently in the form of a high-fidelity prototype, leverages the multi-user and direct-interaction capabilities of the tabletop, as well as aspects of multimodal and pervasive computing to provide a natural interface for sharing digital photographs in a collocated social setting. However, designing such an interface and making it effective is not a straightforward task. Such an interface needs to overcome problems of clutter and orientation inherent in tabletop interfaces, and provide an experience that allows the users to ignore the computer and conduct their dialogue unhindered for a truly social interaction.

Update 2008-06-15

I've nearly finished writing my thesis! Marking will take at least 3 months. Once it's finalised and filed away in the library, I'll publish the electronic version. Until then, I just wrote a paragraph that inspired me so much that I had to put it up here. It adds to the above canned abstracts and sums up an aspect of my work that I am particularly proud of:

One hypothesis of this thesis is that by providing the immersive and highly usable tabletop interface outlined in this chapter, users can ignore the computing interface and instead concentrate on their social interaction and storytelling. If we can achieve this, not only have we provided a novel and effective way for people to share their photos in digital form, but we also have the opportunity to use a recording of the stories told -- untainted by fumbling around the interface -- as the basis for long-term preservation in a digital photograph album annotated with audio. Furthermore, because of the digital interaction, we can implicitly correlate the stories to the right photographs, and derive relationships between photos in the story, thereby creating this digital photograph album merely as a side-effect of the social interaction at the interface.

Dodgy Link Pyramid

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My LyX thesis templates (LyX 1.3.x, LyX 1.5.x) (Updated May 2007) LaTeX Preambles and stuff
My 2003 Honours Thesis (Bookmarked for online viewing) (appendix, print version)
A bunch of random pictures that were taken at some point during my lifetime.
A talk all about Linux daemons and servers (2.7MB) more
The UbiComp Scrapbook
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BibTeX to Endnote (proprietary XML) converter (Notes) This now has a Java GUI.
You can still run the old version with 'java -classpath bib2endnote.jar BibEndnote bibfile.bib > endnote.xml'

My Stuff

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More Dodgy Links

My friend / colleague Mark is seeking a Shopping Slave. See the link for details; frequently asked questions and the official shopping slave game.

In early 2006, I was involved in the filming of a TV show called Nerds FC. They taught us how to play soccer/football. I played .. er.. can't say. Apparently.


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of sleep,
I hear the grinding: for coffee art with me.
Thy tamper and thy filter, they comfort me.
Thou preparest an espresso before me in the presence of mine lethargy;
Thou annointest my throat with crema; My cup runneth over.

23rd Psalm -- coffee version (by me)

Places I go Lots

SOFT2130: Software Construction 1 (a course I tutor)
localhost The localhost -- prolly useless for you
My Sister's WebSite (... because I made it)
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Usyd Mail
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Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing (FOLDOC)
Current, full list of UoS IT Publications or Search Publications or Browse Publications

Courses I did during honours

Artificial Neural Networks
Aspects of Pervasive Computing
COMP4307: Computer Security
COMP4302: Statistical Natural Language Processing
COMP4305: Network Simulation
INFO4306: Spatial Database Sustems

Courses I've Tutored

Tutor Page

Honours Project Poster
My (2003) Honours Project -- Completed H1M Powerpoint Version

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