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Karsten Klein  


Information Visualisation
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School of Information Technologies
The University of Sydney

NSW 2006, Sydney, Australia

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Mehrfarbiges Auftreten von Kirschblüten, Imperial
palace (Tokyo)

I recently moved to Monash University. In case you are searching for new stuff, you may find it here.

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Research Topics

RINalyzer protein analysis tool InterDom Breast Cancer Protein Domain Network Layout UML Class Diagram Layout Large Graph Multilevel Layout Scaffold Hunter Visual Analysis of Chemical Compound Databases


Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF)

The Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF) is an open source software project that provides a library of datastructures and graph layout algorithms. OGDF is the successor of AGD, the library of algorithms for graph drawing.

Scaffold Hunter Screenshot

Scaffold Hunter Scaffold Hunter icon

Scaffold Hunter is a tool for the interactive exploration of chemical space. It facilitates navigation by graphical visualization of structural relationships and provides methods for the analysis of large data sets, e.g., to correlate chemical structure and biochemical activity. Scaffold Hunter is implemented in Java and freely available under the GPL.

RINalyzer logo

RINalyzer RINalyzer logo

RINalyzer allows to analyze and visualize protein residue interaction networks (RINs). A RIN is constructed from the three-dimensional structure of a protein as stored in PDB files from the Protein Data Bank. RINalyzer allows simultaneous, interactive 2D visualization and exploration of a RIN in Cytoscape, together with the corresponding molecular 3D structure visualized in UCSF Chimera. RINalyzer is available as a Java plugin for Cytoscape, a free software platform for the analysis and visualization of molecular interaction networks.


Recent Publications

In case you are searching for older stuff, you may find it here or here.