Javid Taheri





Graduated Students

  • Mohammed Y. Aalsalem (2009)

Thesis: A Real-Time Communication Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks


  • Sakhinah Abu Bakar (2011)

Thesis: A Study Of Problems In Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: A Computational Approach


  • Tai-Chun Wang (2012)

Thesis: Computational Experiments for the Solution of Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) Problems


  • Farhan Ahammed (2012)

Thesis: Distributed And Robust Cooperative Location Improvement And Lower Bounds In GPS-Equipped VANETs With Noisy Measurements


  • Ali Elghirani (2012)

Data-Intensive Application Scheduling and Replica Placement in Data Grids: A  Synergistic Framework



Current Students


  • Shaghayegh Sharif Nabavi

Working Area: Scheduling Algorithms for Federted Clouds


  • Maruf Ahmed

Working Area: Server Consolidation for Private Clouds