Welcome to INFO 1903 (Semester 1, 2014)

Important course information (including lecture slides) will be available on this website, which will be updated throughout the semester. The information will also be accessible by enrolled students through the University eLearning system; there (but not here) you can stream the recordings of lectures.

Unit of Study description

Analysing empirical information is the cornerstone of many domains, including science, engineering, economics and social science. Graduates in these domains must be able to process, manipulate and present the growing quantities of data effectively. Although computing should play a key role, we rarely exploit the full power of existing or custom software to efficiently convert data into information and then knowledge. INFO1903 will equip students with the skills and techniques for exploiting data effectively.

INFO1903 covers advanced data processing and management, integrating the use of existing productivity software, e.g. spreadsheets and databases, with the development of custom software using the powerful general-purpose Python scripting language. It will focus on skills directly applicable to research in any quantitative domain.

The course will also cover presentation of data through written publications and dynamically generated web pages, visual representations and oral presentation skills.The assessment, a semester long project, involves the demonstration of these skills and techniques for processing and presenting data in a choice of domains.

This course outline is also available in the Engineering Faculty Handbook.