Setting up a Jabber Client

You need two things to start using Jabber, and to participate in VirtualGPN.

  1. A Jabber Account
  2. A Jabber Client

After your first GPN meeting, an account will be created for you and you'll receive an e-mail with your account details.

We recommend installing a Jabber client on your computer, however if you want to try Jabber without installing anything, there is a nice web-based client at

Using Meebo

This is the simplest option, because the instructions are the same regardless of whether you're using Mac, Linux or Windows.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the lightbulb and sign in with your Jabber address and Password
  3. You should see a buddy list, there's a icon at the top right which is for joining a groupchat, click it.
  4. Enter the name and server of the virtualGPN groupchat. (If the address you've been given looks like an e-mail address, read it as name@server.)
  5. You should now be in the groupchat!

Other Jabber Clients

This section under construction...