Wednesday 27 February 2016 (day 4):

Marks for Lab Exam 1

If you have any Q's about your lab exam 1 marks, please ask your tutor in today's lab, after they have demonstrated the solutions.

Wednesday 20 February 2016 (day 1):

Welcome to ENGG1801 Engineering Computing!

Welcome to ENGG1801 Engineering Computing! This is an exciting and practical course where you will get the opportunity to think creatively and tell the computer exactly what to do to solve interesting problems. Although we focus on engineering applications, you will learn these skills and be able to apply them in virtually any career in this information age.

Here's what some previous students have said about this course:

  • "The course was different to anything that I ever did before and it was fun"
  • "The unit of study is very well run and at first I wasn't sure whether I would like it, but now it is probably my favourite subject"
  • "Realistic examples shows relevance of unit of study to my degree and career"
  • "It is really interesting! I started out being completely afraid of programming and now I love it"
  • "The course was an interesting introduction to programming for someone who has never done any programming before. The questions that were set were challenging but generally not too challenging. I thought it was reasonably enjoyable"
  • "Favourite subject due to large amount of practical applications of problem solving. The project was actually fun in some ways. Very interesting course"
  • "Learning to solve problems using a computer, using logic to solve problems, coding for a computer - I found all of these things very enjoyable as I had not learned anything like it before"
  • "Course seemed most relevant out of all to future studies as it provides invaluable methods of solving problems fast and efficiently"
  • "Computer programming has always [been] on my list of things I'd like to learn in my life"
  • "Having all the resources I need online made studying this subject a much more pleasant experience then I've had in my other subjects"
  • "Examples were gone through thoroughly after an explanation of the theory so that we knew how to apply what we'd learnt"
  • "Diverse variety of examples without repetition kept the tutorials interesting and worthwhile"
  • "Very engaging and interesting activities"
  • "The ability of Matlab and Excel to perform numerical analysis I can imagine being invaluable to engineering"
  • "Would do it again for sure"

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