Project Offering

Improving the healthcare system is one of the most important challenges that can be overcome through ICT. The use of ICT is revolutionizing our healthcare system on all levels of our lives. At the patient level there are significant investments from all around the world, including the Australian government for electronic patient records (EPR), which will allow everybody to manage and access their records online. The hospital information system (HIS) infrastructure is being rebuilt to fully utilize ICT to include not only the EPR, but also automated systems for diagnosis, treatment and even quality of service. The education of patients and medical professionals has also been through big changes, which take full advantage of advances in ICT. Such a healthcare revolution is made possible through the integration of many core ICT components, including e.g. Multimedia, Networking, Computer Vision, Image Processing and Analysis.

Our Biomedical and Multimedia Information Technology (BMIT) research group is a world-class research lab that is very active in the healthcare field. We have a strong relationship with our partners at the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) hospital, which ensures that our research is clinically relevant and has access to the latest state-of-the-art hospital facilities. Students will have the chance to work closely with both academic and medical staff. The knowledge and skills developed from these projects will find wide applications in multimedia IT. For further details, please refer to the BMIT research group’s website.

The links below provides the current projects being offered by the group: