The Biomedical & Multimedia Information Technology (BMIT) Research Group was established in 1996, and brings together an outstanding team of interdisciplinary research experts working at the forefront of international research in several focused and interconnected areas as shown in the following diagram. This group has 20 staff members with complementary skills from university, industry and hospital backgrounds, as well as many research students. The group works as a team, attracting an average of 2 million Australian dollars in grant money from competitive external research grant bodies and publishing over 200 high quality papers in every 3-year timeframe. More importantly, many of our research results have significant scientific impact and social benefit. Our collaborative structure and industry links facilitate the application of our research outcomes to the healthcare system and multimedia industry. The group has become a leading research facility recognized internationally for its high quality work.

key research areas

Key research areas of BMIT Research Group


We are in a privileged position to be able to attract many of the best local and international PhD students, supported by prestigious scholarships, working together with our key research fellows/associates in leading institutes both in Australia and around the world. We will provide a rigorous and sustained world-class multi-disciplinary training environment for young researchers in biomedical information technology, giving them a skill base that will be extremely valuable to the IT and healthcare industries. Our other research partnership with industry leaders such as Microsoft further provides us the access to cutting-edge facilities such as Windows Azure cloud computing and technical support. So far we have jointly supervised over 150 research students and postdoctoral research fellows and many of them are research leaders in industry and universities including more than 10 full professors. This project will allow us to produce more high quality research stars needed by our nation.

David Dagan Feng and Clinical Prof Michael Fulham

Prof David Dagan Feng and Clinical Prof Michael Fulham


The BMIT Research Group has also played a major role in organizing a number of major international conferences and other events, which our students have had the opportunity to participate and be engaged in, allowing them to develop their organization, management and leadership skills, in addition to technical skills. Our graduates are very competitive and successful. Some have received awards/prizes during their study (e.g., best poster award in Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) Congress, honorable mention at the young investigator awards of SNM'06 - a major international meeting in Nuclear Medicine with around 5000 attendees; an IEEE-EMBS'07 student paper award open finalist; the IBM Fellowship, Microsoft Fellowship and ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship); some of them are now working as full professors in universities, as senior researchers in world-leading research labs, or as senior industrial leaders. We have ensured that our team provides a stimulating intellectual environment to train the next generation to the highest international standards.