Schools & teachers

The School of Information Technologies is working to foster relationships with schools, teachers and school students around NSW, and Australia. Below is a summary of the activities we run for high school students and teachers. For more information please use the links below or to be included on our outreach email list and poster mailout.

Girls' Programming Network

The Girls' Programming Network (GPN) is an extra-curricular program run by girls, for girls. In this one-day workshop participants have the opportunity to develop their own games, learn about digital media, sound, image and video manipulation and even create smart phone applications.

Who: For female students in high school interested in Computers and Information Technology, with or without programming experience.

One workshop per term.  Dates for 2014 are:

Term 1: Saturday 1 March 2014 (School term Week 5)

Term 2: Sunday 1 June 2014 (School term Week 5)

Term 3: Saturday 9 August 2014 (School term Week 4)

Term 4: Sunday 2 November 2014 (School term Week 4)

Where: School of IT Building, University of Sydney
Cost: Free
More info: Girls' Programming Network website

NCSS Challenge

The NCSS Challenge is a five week competition giving high school students an opportunity to learn and experience computer programming. The Challenge is designed to cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
Who: High school students and teachers who want to learn Python
When: The NCSS Challenge runs for 5 weeks, commencing on Monday 4th August 2014.
Where: Online at the NCSS Challenge website
Cost: $20 per student or teacher (including GST)
More info: NCSS Challenge website

National Computer Science School (2015)

An intensive 10-day computer programming and website development summer school.

Who: Year 11 (and some Year 10) students and teachers
When: Sunday 4th - Tuesday 13th January, 2015
Where: School of IT and The Women's College, University of Sydney
Cost: $400 per student or teacher (including GST)
More info: National Computer Science School website

Timetabling for High School Teachers

A free web site for high school timetabling has been created by Dr. Jeffrey H. Kingston, an Honorary Associate and researcher at the School of Information Technologies at the University of Sydney.

Any number of times, meetings, student groups, teachers, rooms and other resources may be entered. Features include double periods, triple periods etc., even spread of meeting times through the week and between morning and afternoon slots, preassigned times and resources, resource capabilities, unavailable times, hard and soft workload limits, staff meetings, runarounds, electives and other complex meetings. After all requirements are entered, the site will produce a timetable, usually in about ten seconds, which can then be evaluated, displayed in several formats, or downloaded.

For more information, visit the KTS High School Timetabling System.