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SAN:IT Seminars

Overnight successes are made over years

Speaker: Allen Liao
Co-founder, Tzukuri

When: Tuesday 24th March 2015, 12pm

Where: The University of Sydney, School of IT Building, SIT Board Room (Room 124), Level 1


In my brief talk, I'm going to share what I've observed from my own experiences and from start ups I've observed around me. As an entrepreneur, I believe there's little that separates the ones who are successful and the ones who fail. We all have the same access to resources and aren't more intelligent than most, so I'll give tips on what I believe has made the difference.

Speaker's biography

Allen Liao, at age 19 co-founded Tzukuri in Sydney in December 2013. As Product Architect he directs product vision and design, leading the development of new manufacturing processes as well as the hardware and software development teams. In less than a year, Tzukuri has been featured in Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Elle Magazine as well as a distribution agreement with Apple Retail and high end department stores. Tzukuri has also raised $500k investment within two weeks in December 2014 and is currently raising another $4.5M to build its line of wearable products. Recently, Ron Johnson whom Steve Jobs hired to start Apple Retail has agreed to join the Tzukuri board of directors. He studied a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney (yet to be completed) and is a mentor at the Incubate Program which Tzukuri completed in Summer 2014.