Future students - Postgraduate coursework

Sydney learning

We provide the technology

At the School of Information Technologies we provide you with all of the computing equipment you will need to complete your studies. Our building is purpose built to accommodate the ICT needs of today and the future. We will provide you with 24/7 access to a computing laboratory dedicated to postgraduate coursework students. We also have five purpose-built specialised research laboratories which students may access depending on their study requirements.
Our specialised research labs include:

  • Experimental Research Laboratory - 20 powerful, networked workstations with additional facilities for hosting experiments in which subjects can carry out experimental tasks under controlled conditions.
  • Grid Lab - High performance computers and network infrastructure for experiments in grid computing, the next revolution in internet and distributed computing technology.
  • Multimedia Lab - A professional studio for developing video and audio presentations, available for both research and commercial use.
  • Pervasive Computing Lab - Used to investigate computing systems of the future where the user interface and computing power is ubiquitous.
  • Usability Lab - State-of-the-art eye-tracking facilities for evaluating user interfaces and understanding how people interact with novel technologies.
  • Visualisation and High-Performance Computing Laboratory (ViSLAB) - The leading site in Australia for advanced visualisation and computing.