Degrees plus

There is a strong demand for postgraduate programs that lead to multiple awards and/or multi-disciplinary qualifications. As such the University of Sydney has developed a range of two year full-time postgraduate IT packages.

Master of Information Technology + Master of IT Management

Students can combine the Master of Information Technology with the Master of IT Management into a two year program that covers both the technical and managerial aspects of IT, and graduate with two masters degrees.

Graduate Diploma in Computing + Master of Information Technology

For graduates from other disciplines who want to convert to the field of IT, the packaging of the one year Graduate Diploma in Computing and the Master of Information Technology provides a two year full-time structured program of IT studies leading to an ACS professional level qualification.

Research path

The research path is a unique opportunity available to postgraduate masters students in the school. Students participating in the research path option spend a significant portion of their degree working on an IT research project and acquiring research related skills. Satisfactory completion of this option allows you to apply for a research degree, Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy. Eligibility for the research path option is conditional on academic performance, typically a distinction average or above in the first semester of full-time study or equivalent. If you’re interested in a career in information technology research, then you should consider the Research Path option.

Research path + Master of Philosophy

This is a two year program consisting of an Master of Information Technology or Master of IT Management (one year) and a Master of Philosophy (one year). Students with a computing / information technology degree and a distinction average, may apply for this package. Students enrolled in the degree, must also satisfy the following progression requirements:

  1. Maintenance of a distinction average for the first 24 credit points of their Master of Information Technology or Master of IT Management degree;
  2. Enrol in an 18 credit point project and a 6 credit point research methods course, and maintain achieve a minimum weighted average mark of 75% for the degree.
  3. Satisfactorily complete a thesis for their Master of Philosophy.

Combining your studies with Applied Science, Engineering Science, Design Science or Health Science

The Master of Information Technology and Master of IT Management degrees can also be packaged with courses in applied science, engineering, health science and design science to provide a comprehensive multi-disciplinary two year study option. Students need to meet the admission requirements for both degrees to be eligible for the package.