Unit of study websites

Login to Sydney eLearning

All School of IT units of study have a Sydney eLearning (formerly WebCT) site. Semester 1, 2013 units of study will be live in Sydney eLearning on the first day of semester.

To log in you will need your UniKey login name and password. All students have a UniKey account - your account details were included in the forms given to you when you enrolled. If you do not know your UniKey account details, please visit your nearest ICT Access Lab with photographic identification and they will be printed on the spot for you by one of the helpful staff. Click for locations and opening hours of Access Labs.

Once you have logged in to Sydney eLearning, the School of IT units you are enrolled in should appear as a list. If a School of IT unit you are enrolled in does not appear on the list please visit Sydney eLearning Student Help.

Please note that if you have varied your enrolment, you will be automatically given access to the relevant unit of study site, however there may be a 24-hour delay from the time your enrolment changes are confirmed.

Units of study offered in Semester 1, 2013

  • COMP2022 Formal Languages and Logic
  • COMP2129 Operating Systems and Machine Principles
  • COMP3308/3608 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • COMP3419 Graphics and Multimedia
  • COMP3520 Operating Systems Internals
  • ENGG1801 Engineering Computing
  • ENGG1805 Professional Engineering and IT
  • INFO1003 Foundations of Information Technology
  • INFO1103 Introduction to Programming
  • INFO1903 Informatics (Adv)
  • INFO2120/2820 Database Systems I
  • INFO3220 Object Oriented Design
  • INFO3402 Management of IT Projects and Systems
  • ISYS2140 Information Systems
  • ISYS3401 Analytical Methods & Information Systems

Units of study offered in Semester 2, 2013

  • COMP2007/2907 Algorithms and Complexity / Advanced
  • COMP2121 Distributed Systems and Network Principles
  • COMP3109 Programming Languages and Paradigms
  • COMP3456 Computational Methods for Life Sciences
  • COMP3530 Discrete Optimization
  • COMP3615 Software Development Project
  • INFO1003 Foundations of Information Technology
  • INFO1103 Introduction to Programming
  • INFO1105/1905 Data Structures / Advanced
  • INFO2110 Systems Analysis and Modelling
  • INFO2315 Introduction to IT Security
  • INFO3315 Human-Computer Interaction
  • INFO3404/3504 Database Systems 2 / Advanced
  • INFO3600 Major Development Project (Adv)
  • ISYS3400 Information Systems Project