2015-2016 Summer Scholarships

The main round for for 2015-2016 NICTA Summer Scholarships have closed. There are however, SIT projects still available.

These scholarships are designed primarily for undergraduate students who are interested in a future research degree/career.

The scholarships are valued at $5,500 for 12 weeks, and some of the scholarships attract additional benefits.

SIT projects - currently open

Database Bug Monitoring and Fingerprinting
Supervisor: Associate Professor Uwe Roehm
This project is about developing an automated tool for monitoring database activities and alerting the administrators with an automated stack trace report once an performance anomaly, such as a sudden drop in throughput, is identified. The system would also prepare a condensed fingerprint of the current system state and compare against a set of known database issues, in order to give the user a high-level summary of what the potential (known) cause of the problem is. This is a project in conjunction with MongoDB who will provide access to their existing issue tracking system for the purpose of this project.

Benchmarking Multi-tenant NoSQL Stores in the Cloud
Supervisor: Associate Professor Uwe Roehm
When one wants to make a NoSQL database available in the cloud as Database-as-a-Service, one needs to be able to store and process workloads from different customers, or tenants of the very same service instance. Existing NoSQL systems are not build with so-called multi-tenancy in mind. In this project, we would like to learn about the capabilities of existing NoSQL stores with regard to this requirement,. The goal is to conduct a performance benchmark on at least one selected NoSQL store such as MongoDB to test its performance with multiple heterogenous workloads. To do so, we will adapt the existing YCSB cloud benchmark to support multi-tenant workloads.

IDHS - Interactive Digital Hairstyling Station
Supervisor: Josiah Poon
Co-supervisor: Pepsee de Bilde
Basic software that need to record, store and manage the database initially for a single hairdressing salon but ultimately for more than one salon (within a particular chain or franchise)

With 75% of hairdressers leaving the trade (Australian Hairdressing Council) after they have finished their apprentice time, and a further 67% of first year apprentices also leaving the industry, there is a strong need for change in order to create a more exciting professional work environment. This will not only lure people back to the industry that have left, but also will attract new-comers to work in a new industry based much more on technology, and with a better financial reward for stylists.

We have created a revolution in franchising hair salons. We are a modern visionary company creating diversification via a new and exciting industry-changing innovation.

Hairdressing is one of the most enduring, resilient and fastest growing industries, despite the fact that there is very little differentiation. We are about to change this, by proposing and implementing the very first major innovation in the industry in the modern age, exclusively developed for our hairdressing network franchise that will grow rapidly from a local to a global scale. This will herald a completely new paradigm for the entire global hair industry.

Smart software that needs to be able to play back the stored data on demand filed on disk by customer mobile phone number or accessible by vain or face recognition. It needs to be user friendly- particularly for hair stylists to use easily and efficiently. Other features to develop in the future may include the ability to play ads back periodically on the screen, and other functions to be disclosed at a future date.

Note: It would be important to spend some occasional times in the salon with Pepsee who will give complete routines of the workings of the next step software.

How to apply for SIT projects

Please email an expression of interest to the Postgraduate Administrative Officer, .


To be eligible for a Summer Scholarship you must:

  • be a high achieving 3rd year undergraduate student with a competitive WAM. (high performing 2nd/4th year or master by coursework students may be considered);
  • be currently enrolled in a full-time program at the University of Sydney;
  • have successfully completed at least one year of your course prior to the commencement of the Summer Scholarship;
  • submit a online application form.
  • Both local and international students are eligible.
  • Some projects may have specific selection criteria, see the project descriptions for more details.