Project offerings 2011

Projects supervised by Zhiyong Wang and David Feng

Mobile and Internet Multimedia Computing
The Internet has been a platform for delivering a wide range of information. Particularly, multimedia information has dominated network traffic and it is anticipated that mobile Internet will be the next emerging focus since more and more portable devices get connected to Internet. Such wealthy information has enabled many research tasks to be conducted at an ever larger scale and in more convenient way, such as multimedia information retrieval, object recognition, security, multimedia forensics, and knowledge discovery. For example, a large number of diverse training samples can be easily fetched for more robust object recognition, compared with previous research on a small dataset. This project is to harvest the vast multimedia resources in Internet for multimedia information retrieval, computer vision, and multimedia data mining at Internet scale, to investigate secure multimedia information delivery in Internet, and to innovate more multimedia applications for Internet users. Students will enrich their knowledge on Internet, information retrieval, multimedia data processing, machine learning techniques, and data mining techniques in this project.

Digital TV News Content Management
TV news is still indispensable for majority of people to acquire information, though the distribution of TV news has been diverse due to the rise of advanced Web technologies. There has not been much advance in assisting users in consuming such information, though there have been many research outcomes on analyzing TV news contents such as commercial detection, story detection and classification. This project is to investigate novel approaches so that users can play a more active and informed role in consuming TV news and obtaining insights, and to derive new knowledge from a large news repository. Its research topics will include intelligent information retrieval, topic discovery, threading and tracking, and knowledge discovery. Students will develop strong skills in multimedia content analysis, machine learning, and data mining.

Plant Image Management
Obtaining sufficient knowledge of plants is crucial for the sustainable development for our earth, such as environment protection. The visual appearance of plants plays an important role in managing plant data and experienced botanists can identify plant species through visual hints of leaves such as shape contour and vein texture. This project is to improve plant image management through innovative visual information processing, modeling, and machine learning techniques so as to accumulate and even explore knowledge for intelligent decision making. Students will gain comprehensive knowledge of image processing, machine learning, and computer graphics as well as interesting botanical knowledge.

Human Motion Analysis
People are the focus in most activities and investigating human motion such as body movements and facial movements has been driven by a wide range of applications such as visual surveillance, 3D animation, affective computing, advanced Human Computer Interaction, sports, and medical diagnosis and treatment (e.g. Autism). Under the umbrella of human-centered multimedia computing, this project is to address a number of challenge issues of this area in realistic scenarios, including human tracking, motion and facial expression detection, recognition, modeling, animation, and synthesis. Students will gain comprehensive knowledge in computer vision (e.g. object segmentation and tracking, and action/event detection and recognition), 3D modeling, computer graphics, and machine learning.