Project offerings 2011

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Michael Charleston

Evolutionary Bioinformatics (3 projects)

Sanjay Chawla

Designing a spam-free and manipulation-free search engine

Vera Chung

A new unsupervised Clustering Algorithm for Internet and Web Information Systems

A new multi-layered image filtering algorithm for email and web servers

Minimizing Energy Consumption for High Performance Computing System

A new data mining algorithm for Network Intrusion Detection System

Anthony Collins and Judy Kay

One touch or more - a change for interaction design on touch surfaces

Gesture learnability for beginner users of tabletops and interactive walls

Flexible grouping mechanisms for tabletop interfaces

Making the tabletop personal: employing user models to aid information retrieval at interactive surfaces

Joseph Davis

Standards for Cloud-Related Service Level Agreements

Alan Fekete

Measuring Isolation Anomalies for Replicated Data

A performance model for multiversion concurrency control algorithms

Web Services for Advanced Patent Search and Analysis

Autonomic Business-Driven IT Management of Cloud Computing Systems

Seokhee Hong

Visual Analysis of Large and Complex Biological Networks and Social Networks

Algorithms for Drawing Graphs in 2.5 Dimensions

2.5D Interaction/Navigation Method for Large and Complex Networks

Jinman Kim, David Feng and Lingfeng Wen

Multimedia Personalized Health Records

Voice-Guided Medical Image Volume Navigation

3D Vision for medical image diagnosis

Volume rendering visualization of dynamic patient image history

Classification and Retrieval of PET-CT Images

Cancer Tissues Segmentation for Computer Aided Diagnosis

Anatomical Image-based Estimation of Accurate Parametric Measures for Functional Imaging

Hyungsoo Jung and Lavy Libman

An adaptive congestion control protocol for high-speed networks

Bjorn Landfeldt

How does it really perform, the "Internet of things"

Lavy Libman and Thierry Rakotoarivelo (NICTA)

Wireless network coding extension for IEEE 802.11

Luiz Pizzato and Judy Kay

Data Mining to assist with Career Planning on Mobile Devices

Zhiyong Wang and David Feng

Mobile and Internet Multimedia Computing

Digital TV News Content Management

Plant Image Management

Human Motion Analysis

Rainer Wasinger and Michael Fry

Ontology Management and its Use in Proximal Social Networking Sites

Rainer Wasinger and Bob Kummerfeld

Personalised Restaurant Menus

Core Functionalities for User Modelling Ecosystems

Ying Zhou

Mining massive data set using Hadoop framework

An Asynchronous Monitoring Mechanism in Cloud Computing Platform

Albert Zomaya

Virtualisation and Beyond for Greening IT

Investigate Scheduling Policies inside a Virtual Machine Monitor

Comparison of Market-based and Best-effort Based Resource Allocation in Clouds

Link Service Level Agreement (SLA) to Cloud Computing Energy Efficiency

An Efficient Scheduling Scheme for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks