In both the CS and IS Honours programs, the project is intended to give students experience in undertaking a fairly large task and to provide an opportunity to develop skills appropriate for postgraduate research. The project is assessed mainly on the basis of a substantial thesis (usually about 50 pages long). The thesis must describe the motivation, aims and results of the project, written in the style of a research paper appropriate to the discipline (CS or IS). The project is considered by the department to be very important in evaluating a student's research potential and is an important factor in determining the rankings for postgraduate scholarships.

The project is undertaken with the direct supervision of a full-time member of the academic staff of the School. It is often closely connected with a research project already underway in the School. Students are encouraged to refer to the Project Offerings webpage for the projects available.

Most importantly, a successful project requires a considerable amount of consistent work throughout the year. Students should ensure their continued application to the project in the face of their other short-term goals.

Projects are listed on the Web as they become available. Projects can be proposed at any time, so the list is never finalised. Most supervisors have their project proposals ready by the end of January; however, you should contact potential supervisors as early as possible so as to get the best start on your project. If you have a particular interest in an area, you may negotiate a topic with an academic with similar interests. One way of finding out the academic interests of the department is to check the list of projects proposed for past years - if you see one you like, the chances are you might be able to work on a similar project.

Honours projects are generally supervised within one of the School's research groups.

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Students are expected to have chosen a project and finalised supervision by the first week of their first semester of study.