Honours thesis and poster templates

PLEASE NOTE: This information is for SCHOOL OF IT students ONLY.

If you are not from the School of IT, please contact admin staff in your school or faculty.

Thesis coversheet and poster templates are available to current students via the Honours eLearning site - 2013 - School of IT Hons.

Please note, if you would like to use the university logo on your poster or thesis, you must use the templates. For posters, you must strictly adhere to the instructions below.



  • Posters can be printed in the School up to A1 size.
  • The banner format in the template must not be edited (but obviously the text can).
  • Students can use/put other images where they choose (with the exception of in the banner).

If printing A1, email the PowerPoint or PDF file to Josephine Spongberg for printing.

Please note, this service is for School of IT students ONLY.

The School can laminate up to A3 size. Copiworld in Redfern can laminate larger sizes. Please note the School does not automatically meet the cost of laminating posters.