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The School of Information Technologies Postgraduate Society (SOCIT) was established in August 2002 as a club representing the social interests of postgrad students within the department. Since starting we have organised a number of events including:

- Movie and Pizza nights
- Networked XBox gaming nights
- Instant icecream parties
- The ever popular Tim Tam tuesday afternoon get togethers

We aim to have fun but the serious side of SOCIT is that the friendships postgrads form may turn into research collaborations or professional relationships later on. Notifications of events are sent out on the pgrad mailing list.


The Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) aims:

  • to provide postgraduate students with greater access to all of SUPRA's important resources
  • to enhance awareness of SUPRA's roles and functions
  • to facilitate postgraduate student involvement in SUPRA's activities.