Summer / Winter School

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IT units of study on offer

Summer School 2013/2014

  • COMP5456 Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • COMP5705 Information Technology Short Project
  • INFO5060 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • INFO6010 Advanced Concepts in IT Project Management

COMP5705 project offering for Summer School 2013/2014

Project Supervised by Josiah Poon

MissAna: Mid-Semester Survey Analysis Tool (6cps)
A survey is conducted in mid-semester for each undergraduate in the eLearning system. The survey contains not only numeric scores in Likert scale for each question, but also captures textual feedback. However, the current WebCT does not provide a good tool to view this textual information; as a result, the teachers do not have a quick overall idea of the sentiment in the class from the text. A tool has been developed by a previous student but it requires a lot of manual effort to generate the report. The aim of this project is to re-develop the tool to be more flexible to questions, have better automation and have better UI over web. It is crucial to highlight keywords that relate to positive or negative sentiment.

Assumed Knowledge: web programming, scripting, Java

Outcome: Software and documentation

Major: Software Engineering