Summer / Winter School

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IT units of study on offer

Summer School 2014/2015

  • COMP5705 IT Short Project (Enrolment with permission from School only) - see project description below.
  • INFO5010 IT Entrepreneurship, and
  • INFO5060 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

COMP5705 project offering for Summer School 2014/2015

Project Supervised by Young Choon Lee

Reverse Engineering of Job Scheduler in Computer Clusters
A computer cluster consists of a set of compute nodes in each of which there are multiple processing cores. With the prevalence of multi-core systems, typical small scale clusters with tens of nodes make hundreds of cores available. These clusters are shared by a number of users constantly submitting jobs. In this project, the student is expected to write a simple computer program to simulate clusters with job execution traces. The student is free to choose any programming language.