Special consideration due to illness or misadventure

Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Special Consideration guidelines and application package (PDF)
  2. Speical Consideration Regarding Assessments - policy and procedures

Please note: If applying for Special Consideration for units of study taught by the School of IT, please lodge your form with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, before delivering to the School.

School policies

School policies are to be followed in conjunction with the 'Special Consideration due to Serious Illness, Injury or Misadventure' extract from the University's Assessment Policy 2011.

School policy will apply to attendance, late submission, examinations and academic penalties (see below). If you are unsure please contact the School Office.

Special consideration relating to assessed work during semester

An application for special consideration must be received within one week from the date when the assessment was due. It must specify exactly which unit(s) and which piece(s) of assessment the application is intended to cover.

Where an application for special consideration is successful and it is possible for work to be accepted upon resumption of the student’s attendance, then marks may be awarded as if the work were on time. In any case; the piece of work should be submitted to the unit coordinator a the earliest possible date.

If it is considered that accepting work after the due date would compromise the validity of assessment or give the student an unfair advantage over colleagues, for example where solutions have already been released, then some alternative mode of assessment may be necessary. This may be a similar task or could take some other form, such as a viva voce, or practical test.

In the case of prolonged absence it is the student’s responsibility to complete all on-going assessed work that is part of the course, or else to consider withdrawing from the course.

Special consideration relating to examinations

Examination periods are publicised at the start of each year. Specific timetables are known some weeks before the end of each semester. Students are expected to attend these examinations even allowing for minor illness or difficult circumstances. The Special Consideration provisions described here are not to be used as a solution to bad planning or inadequate personal preparation. No allowance can be made for students whose personal arrangements make it impossible to attend examinations at the scheduled time.

A student who finds himself/herself ill or otherwise indisposed at the time of an examination must consider his/her position carefully. There are two possibilities:

  1. sit the examination,
  2. miss the examination.

The case where the student sits the examination

It is not possible to use special consideration to compensate for poor performance in examinations. While all special consideration applications received in time and in accordance with the University's special consideration policy will be considered, changes to examination marks or a further test may not be granted as a matter of course.

The case where the student is absent from the examination

Subject to the receipt of an Application for Special Consideration in accordance with the requirements set out above (see Section 2), a student who is absent from an examination may be granted a further test. Further tests are scheduled over two days, usually one or two weeks after the end of the normal examination period.

Should a student miss a further test which has been offered, then only in very exceptional circumstances and subject to suitable additional documentation, will any further opportunity to complete the examination be granted.

When considering their options students should bear in mind two important points:

  • a further test will be granted only if the documentation provided is adequate
  • all further tests are scheduled over two days about one week after the normal examination period, and so the examination timetable for further test(s) is more compressed and possibly more stressful than the original time.

Policy regarding longer periods of absence

In cases of serious, long term or recurrent illness, or difficult circumstances, a point is reached at which the student can no longer be considered to have completed the course concerned. In units offered by the School of Information Technologies with a duration of one semester this will be considered to be the case where a period of absence exceeds three weeks (i.e. 25% of the course). Students who are absent from class for periods exceeding three weeks should seek advice from the Sub-Dean or Director of Postgraduate Studies regarding the advisability of discontinuing their course until they are able to resume their studies effectively.