General policies

Applying for a Letter of Continuing Completion

Students who are enrolled in the Master of IT and who reach a point where they have satisfied the requirements of the Graduate Diploma of IT can apply for a Continuing Completion letter confirming their progress for the purposes of ACS skills assessment:

  • Collect a Continuing Completion form from the Faculty office. Complete the form, attach an enrolment history or copy of your transcript to the back of it, and return it to the School of IT, where it will be checked prior to being forwarded to the Faculty. The Faculty will produce the letter.
  • The Letter of Continuing Completion will be sent to your mailing address once your form has been processed by the Graduate School of Engineering and IT.

The ACS will conduct the Skills Assessment on a Graduate Diploma Continuing Completion letter, however, students must meet the ACS guidelines. If a student enrolled in the course after the 1st October 2002, they need to have completed three semesters of their course on a full-time basis, unless they hold a Bachelor degree with a Major in IT, then two semesters will be sufficient (see the ACS for further details).