General policies

Communication Channels

From time to time, the School needs to inform students about important matters, e.g. of changes to existing arrangements (such as tutorial locations or deadlines for submitting assignments). This information will be posted on the official web sites. These sites should be checked regularly (at least once every week). Electronic mail (both postgraduate and extro accounts) should also be checked regularly (at least twice weekly).

Students may also wish to inform the School of their concerns. Students are asked to elect a representative to the School Board and also several representatives to School student-staff liaison committees. The committees will meet at least once each semester to consider matters that the student members wish to raise and to inform them of relevant decisions, including those made at School Board Meetings. Student representatives are also invited to attend the School Meeting held on the first Wednesday of each month.

Any student who has suggestions, complaints or comments about any aspect of the unit should tell the lecturer (or they may ask the student representative to talk to the lecturer). In a case where the lecturer is unable to resolve matters, the Director of Postgraduate Study is the next authority; students will need to make an appointment to see the Director of Postgraduate Study. Students are also welcome to attend one of the School’s liaison meetings (two take place each semester) and raise the issue there.