MIT units of study 2014

MIT students must finish units of study worth 48 credit points from the following table and finish one major.

At most 24 credit points can be foundational subjects; at most 18 credit points can be study from outside the School of IT (codes ELEC, PMGT, HIMT, INFS) of which at most 12cp can be taken from units offered outside the Faculty of Engineering and IT (such as INFS or HIMT).

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CUSP is an online database which provides detailed unit of study information, including lecturer contact details, unit outlines, lecture schedules, recommended text books, etc.

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Foundational units

Unit of study Semester/s
COMP5028 Object-Oriented Design 1    
COMP5114 Digital Media Fundamentals 1    
COMP5116 Design of Networks & Distributed Systems   2  
COMP5138 Relational Database Management Systems 1 2  
COMP5206 Introduction to Information Systems 1 2  
COMP5211 Algorithms   2  
COMP5214 Software Development in Java 1 2  
INFO5001 Systems Analysis and Modelling   2  
PUBH5018 Introductory Biostatistics 1    
STAT5002 Introduction to Statistics 1    


Specialist units

Unit of study Semester/s
CISS6022 Cybersecurity   2  
COMP5045 Computational Geometry 1    
COMP5046 Statistical Natural Language Processing 1    
COMP5048 Visual Analytics   2  
COMP5216 Mobile Computing   2  
COMP5318 Knowledge, Discovery and Data Mining 1    
COMP5338 Advanced Data Models   2  
COMP5347 Web Application Development 1    
COMP5348 Enterprise Scale Software Architecture 1    
COMP5349 Cloud Computing 1    
COMP5415 Multimedia Authoring and Production   2  
COMP5416 Advanced Network Technologies   2  
COMP5424 Information Technology in Biomedicine 1    
COMP5425 Multimedia Retrieval 1    
COMP5426 Parallel and Distributed Computing 1    
COMP5427 Usability Engineering   2  
COMP5456 Introduction to Bioinformatics     Summer Main
INFO5060 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence     Summer Early
INFO5301 Information Security Management 1    
INFO5306 Enterprise Healthcare Info Systems   2  
INFO5990 Professional Practice in IT 1 2  
INFO5991 Services Science Management and Eng 1 2  
INFO5993 IT Research Methods 1 2  
INFO6007 Project Management in IT 1 2  
INFO6010 Advanced Topics in IT Project Management   2 Summer Late
ISYS5070 Change Management in IT     Winter Main
ELEC5507 Error Control Coding 1    
ELEC5508 Wireless Engineering   2  
ELEC5509 Mobile Networks 1    
ELEC5510 Satellite Communication Systems   2  
ELEC5511 Optical Communication Systems 1    
ELEC5512 Optical Networks   2  
ELEC5614 Real Time Computing… 1    
ELEC5616 Computer and Network Security 1    
ELEC5619 Object oriented Application Frameworks   2  
IDEA9106 Design Thinking 1    
INFS6012 Enterprise Systems Management 1    
PMGT6867 Quantitative Methods: Project Management 1 2  
PUBH5010 Epidemiology Methods and Uses 1    
STAT5003 Computational Statistical Methods   2  


IT project units

Before project units can be taken, a minimum number of units of study must have been completed within the MIT or MITM with a Credit average or above as result. Note that there is no entitlement for projects, even based on academic merit. Please see the Projects Overview website for further details.

Unit of study Semester/s
COMP5703 Information Technology Project (12cp) 1 2  
COMP5705 Information Technology Short Project (6cp) 1 2 Summer Main &  Winter Main
COMP5706 IT Industry Placement Project (6cp) 1 2  


IT Project units - Research Path only

Unit of study Semester/s
COMP5702 IT Research Project A (12cp) 1 2  
COMP5704 IT Research Project B 1 2  
INFO5993 IT Research Methods 1 2