Master of IT


Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
Master of Information Technology

The University of Sydney offers planned, targeted postgraduate programs in IT to meet the demand of the IT industry. This articulated program includes the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology, the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology and the Master of Information Technology degree and is designed to provide a core of knowledge in information technology, supplemented by a broad range of options within areas of Computer Networks and the Internet, E-Business Technologies, Multimedia, Database Management and Administration, Software Engineering, Business Information Systems, etc. The combination of core units and electives provides an excellent retraining opportunity. Students will not only obtain breadth and depth in their knowledge of the IT industry but will also be able to choose from a selection of options which will allow them to focus on a specialisation in the broad span of the industry.

The Master of Information Technology requires 1 year (2 semesters) of full-time study. The degree is designed to teach you current developments in topics you have already studied as well as extend your knowledge in advanced computing subjects. The program consists of coursework and/or projects in your major area of interest.

During the first semester of attendance you have the opportunity to select from a number of Information Technology units of study. These cover topics in software engineering, database systems, multimedia, computer networks, business information systems, telecommunications engineering, and computer engineering.

Also available is a selection of specialist units of study covering advanced topics within various areas. In addition, you have the option to choose Information Technology projects to replace some specialist units in the second semester if the average mark of your units of study is credit or above. The project involves a substantial piece of programming using the knowledge gained during the course and may be related to your employment.