Graduate Diploma in Computing


The University of Sydney offers targeted postgraduate programs in IT to meet the demand of the IT industry. For students who already have an IT background, there is the articulated program of the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology, the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, and the degree of Master of Information Technology. These programs provide a core of knowledge in information technology, supplemented by a broad range of areas of options within areas of Computer Networks and the Internet, E-Business, Multimedia, Database Management and Administration, Software Engineering, Business Information Systems, and Computer Science. For IT graduates, they provide an excellent opportunity for in-depth study of specialist areas, possibly leading to research, or a retraining opportunity for IT graduates wishing to extend the breadth of their expertise.

The University also recognises that there are many graduates from disciplines other than IT who seek a career change, either by moving into the IT industry or by enhancing their existing career with IT qualifications. The Graduate Diploma in Computing is specifically designed for graduates without an IT degree. The Graduate Diploma in Computing provides a selection of postgraduate computing units of study that provide a grounding in basic IT topics. For many students this provides the required amount of IT skills to enhance their existing career. For students seeking further IT study, the Graduate Diploma in Computing prepares students for admission to the Master of Information Technology.

The Graduate Diploma in Computing is recognised as an industry relevant award, and it has been accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as an Associate Level course in information technology.

The combination of the Graduate Diploma in Computing followed by the Master of Information Technology provides an effective conversion program into the field of IT for graduates without an IT degree.