SoIT's News, Issue 4 2008

Staff News

ARC success

The School has done exceedingly well in this year ARC grants with 6 Discovery Grants and 1 Linkage. Congratulations to all those successful. Well done!

ARC Discovery Grants
Scalable Visual Analytics for Uncertain Dynamic Networks
Peter Eades; Seok-hee Hong
2009-2011, $263,000 total

Escaping the concurrency trade-off: a new approach to enterprise software
Alan Fekete; Uwe Röhm
2009-2011, $270,000 total

Coping with Chaos: Towards Efficient and Robust Wireless Networks through Opportunistic Cooperation
Bjorn Landfeldt; Lavy Libman (NICTA)
2009-2011, $210,000 total

Comprehensive support for collaborative writing: Visualising argument, text and process structures
Peter Reimann (CoCo Research Centre); Rafael Calvo (EIE); Kalina Yacef
2009-2011, $270,000 total

An Integrative and Interactive Approach for Co-estimation of Multiple Sequence Alignment and Phylogeny Reconstruction
Bing Bing Zhou; Richard Brent (ANU)
2009-2011, $230,000 total

Heterarchical modelling of nutritional ecology: from individuals to communities
Steve Simpson and Greg Sword (Biological Sciences); Michael Charleston; Iain Couzin (Princeton); David Raubenheimer (Massey)
2009-2011, $390,000 total

ARC Linkage
A new generation of multi-modality biomedical image visualisations
David Feng; Jinman Kim; Michael Fulham and Stefan Eberl (RPA)
2009-2011, $470,000 total

Jon Patrick joins WHO group

Professor Jon Patrick has been invited by the World Health Organisation to be a member of the Health Informatics and Modelling Group in the redesign of the International Classification of Diseases - ICD 11, due for release in 2013.


Several staff successfully applied for promotion in 2008.

Lecturer/Level B
Tara Murphy and Xiuying Wang

Senior Lecturer
Josiah Poon, Uwe Röhm and Tasos Viglas

Associate Professor
Bjorn Landfeldt, Seok-hee Hong and Masahiro Takatsuka.