SoIT's News, Issue 2 2010

Teaching awards

Tara Murphy and James Curran

Dr Tara Murphy and Dr James Curran have been honoured with two highly competitive University teaching awards, the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Learning and Teaching and the Dean’s Awards for Outstanding Teaching for the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.

Both awards acknowledge that “teaching” extends further than the lecture theatre, and reward all activities that contribute to coursework students’ learning experiences and outcomes.

Dr Murphy and Dr Curran’s teaching contribution is immense, and includes formal teaching and tutoring, supervision of honours and postgraduate students and working with undergraduate students as part of the Talented Student Program.

Their enthusiasm for teaching extends to the school’s high school outreach programs: the National Computer Science School, the Girls’ Programming Network and the NCSS Challenge, which they run each year. Through these programs, many high schools students develop an interest in the exciting and challenging world of computer science.

Their first year unit, INFO1903 Informatics (Advanced) is exemplary. Professor Judy Kay says: “INFO1903 is a remarkable unit of study. Tara and James designed this unit with a passion for creating an outstanding learning experience. Their teaching has nurtured and inspired many students, giving them a superb foundation in computing. They are very well deserving recipients of these awards.”