The University of Sydney IT Alumni Association (USITAA)

Executive Committee

Executive Officers

James Alexander, BCST Hons 2013


Luke Anderson, BIT BSc Adv 2013


Josephine Spongberg, Staff 1997-present

Secretary and Treasurer

Ronny Cook, BEc Hons 1992, current student


Professor Judy Kay, BSc 1974, MSc 1979, PhD 1999

University, Faculty and SIT Liaison

Stephen Merity, BIT Hons 2012


Nicky Ringland, BA 2008, Grad Dip Comp 2009

Diversity and Outreach Programs

Stephanie Rong, MInfTechMan 2012


Dr Steven Sommer, BSc 1992, MBA 2003, PhD 1997


Mark Webb, BSc 1994, BE Info Syst 1996


Dr Bernard Wong, BSc 1982

Insdusty Liaison