Our people

Associate Professors  
Weidong (Tom) Cai, Associate Professor 


tom dot cai at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 3271

Visual Media Processing and Retrieval; Medical Image Analysis; Big Data Mining; Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition; Bioinformatics; Computational Neuroscience.

James Curran, Associate Professor
ARC Research Fellow


james dot r dot curran at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 6037

Computational Linguistics specifically statistical approaches to Natural Language Processing (NLP) ranging from theoretical and low-level component development through to high-level systems development in Question Answering and Information Extraction.

James Curran

 Joachim Gudmundsson, Associate Professor
ARC Future Fellow


joachim dot gudmundsson at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 4494

Computational geometry, data structures, approximation algorithms.

 Joachim Gudmundsson

Jinman Kim, Associate Professor


jinman dot kim at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 9708

Visual Telehealth; Biomedical Image Analysis and Visualisation.

Jinman Kim

Irena Koprinska, Associate Professor


irena dot koprinska at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 3764

Machine Learning; Data Mining; Pattern Recognition; Neural Networks; Information Retrieval.

 Irena Koprinska

Simon Poon, Dr
Associate Professor


simon dot poon at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 4920

Business Value Impacts of IT; IT and Organisational Complementarities; Health informatics - patient data analytics.

Simon Poon

Fabio Ramos, Dr


fabio dot ramos at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 7058

 Fabio Ramos

Uwe Roehm, Associate Professor


uwe dot roehm at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 5305

Database Systems; Scientific Data Management for Bioinformatics; Replication Management in Database Cluster; Middle-tier Caching and Freshness of Data; Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Uwe Roehm

Bernhard Scholz, Associate Professor


bernhard dot scholz at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 4216

Programming languages.


Masahiro Takatsuka, Associate Professor
Associate Head of School


masa dot takatsuka at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 5903

Visualization; Neural Networks; Computer Vision; Advanced Collaboration Technologies; Computer Graphics.

 Masahiro Takatsuka

Kalina Yacef, Associate Professor


kalina dot yacef at sydney dot edu dot au

9351 6098

Educational Data Mining; Personalisation; Human Computer Interaction.

Kalina Yacef

Bing Bing Zhou, Associate Professor


bing dot zhou at sydney dot edu dot au

9036 9112

Parallel and Distributed Computing; Bioinformatics; Grid Computing; and Algorithms.

Bing Bing Zhou