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Dr. Jianlong Zhou

Jianlong Zhou

PhD, Senior Research Scientist


Australian Technology Park
13 Garden Street | Eveleigh, NSW 2015 | Australia
Tel: +61 2 9490 5723
Email: jianlong dot zhou at data61 dot csiro dot au

Research Interests

Cognitive computing is a newer, emerging field. It’s about making computers more user friendly,with an interface that understands more of what the user wants. It takes signals about what the user is trying to do and provides an appropriate response. Siri, for example, can answer questions but also understands context—whether the user is in a car or at home, moving quickly and therefore driving, or more slowly while walking. This information contextualizes the potential range of responses, which are therefore more personalized.
(Seth Earley, "Executive Roundtable Series: Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing", IT Professional, vol.17, no. 4, pp. 56-60, July-Aug. 2015, )

Call for Students

We are actively seeking motivated graduate and visiting students in machine learning related research around the world. Visiting scholars are also welcome in collaborative research. NICTA has excellent research environment, and is able to provide various support for research. NICTA has scholarship opportunities and enhanced PhD program with the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, and other Australian universities. Please send your CV to Jianlong Zhou if you are interested in.

China Scholarship Council (CSC) students are welcome for visiting research or PhD research. Please contact Jianlong Zhou.